Learn French…

If you’re FED UP with your terrible French Accent, doubting yourself, or feeling ashamed when trying to speak French…

… Then keep reading because you can become the confident speaker French people find irresistible and won’t want to let go of.

Learning French Is Like Learning To Drive A Car!

Before learning to drive you’ll have first to learn how to adjust your seat and the rear-view mirror… according to YOUR profile!


Annette’s French Online Classes Are The Fun & Easy Way
To Improve Your Pronunciation
And Boost Your Confidence – Without Spending Years Learning French”

Learn FrenchYou see one of the biggest myths when it comes to French language learning is that you need to spend a lot of time in order to be an effective speaker.

That’s simply not true.

There are teaching strategies more effective with specific learning profiles, and learning structures that suit different lifestyles.

If you’re naturally drawn to live classes online, that may be a sign your learning profile is interactive. If you like and resonate with the way the coach is teaching, then, you’ve got a winner. So try by yourself and you’ll be the judge.

Another myth is that it is impossible to speak French like French people do.

That’s not true.

Learning how to speak French also means learning how to pronounce French.
And for this matter, the teacher must know which pronunciation techniques work best according to the students’ native language.

That is the key for speaking with a good French accent without spending years learning French.

And there is another (commercial) myth…
Can you learn French on your own? With a reputable textbook, podcast or software?

No, no, no, no, noooooo!

      • You need real and human interactions with a native speaker.
      • You need someone who can guide you throughout the process of learning French.
      • You need honest and professional feedback.
      • You need to work on your conversational skills so that you can speak with confidence.

In short…
You need a coach!


Have You Tried The Free Online Classes For Beginners
To Speak And Interact In Real French… LIVE?


I’m Annette Gilleron.

If you’ve become frustrated in the search for the best way for you to learn French, could this be the right answer?

My interactive live virtual classes give you everything you’ll need to become a confident speaker. You’ll speak French from the very first lesson so that you can check with me in real time if you’re doing all right.

Does that make sense?

In short this innovative webinar technology is the easiest and quickest way to learn how to speak French with a real coach.

What does it mean for you?

You will be able to engage with me and ask questions.
When you’ll request to speak, you’ll be invited to speak to practise with me
So your apprehension about learning French will quickly disappear…

You’ll feel a terrific sense of achievement!

And that’s not all…

This live training is 100% FREE, as well as the recorded videos so that you can easily catch up if you have missed a class (but better to attend the live classes to interact with me and practise your French!!)

The result?

You’ll save time, money and you’ll enjoy the benefits of speaking French faster.


What Will You Get From an
Official And Native Examiner
For The World-Recognised Proficiency Exams in French?

You’ll be supported by an expert in the field who knows the official standards and has experience explaining the rules clearly so that you’ll receive honest and professional feedback.

You’ll master the right and native French pronunciation from the first lesson so you’ll learn modern French as well as French etiquette to avoid (very) embarrassing situations.

Even better news…

You’ll never get stuck on your own as you can always ask questions and interact during the live classes.

How will you benefit from that?

You’ll be confident to travel to a French-speaking country, and you’ll gain self-esteem from your achievement.

By the way, do you know that people who speak more than one language have a more abundant life and receive more opportunities to enjoy a better life?