Learning French Is Like Learning To Drive A Car!

Before Learning To Drive, You Will Learn How To Adjust Your Seat And The Rear View Mirror According To Your Profile...

Become Fluent In French

Find out what is your Personal Learning Profile  in order to Integrate the new Knowledge Fast and Create Automatic Reflexes.

"Forget the Rules Confidently. Speak Fluently...               That's How One Drives French Language Like A Native"

Shane Melaugh

It Turned out to be a Very Good Choice!

“To be honest, I really didn't think the online tuition was going to help me. But I didn't feel as though I had any other option; I had delayed long enough and I needed to take a first step. I thought to myself "if it doesn't work out after one month, I just won't continue." But in fact, it turned out to be a very good choice. I found that [Annette Gilleron] picked up very quickly on what my learning gaps were and what my learning needs were from one week to the next, and she prepared lessons that responded very well to both.                                      Each of the lessons were exactly tailored for me and suited my learning style exactly. I only wish I had the time to continue with the online option now that I've relocated to a French-speaking country. When I found my way to the 'members area' of the Learn French Lab and saw every lesson and materials were filed there in my own little corner (a recording of the webex, the whiteboard notes, the exercises, the homework and audios) I thought       "Wow, I can enjoy these lessons again and again at no extra cost!

Speak Grammatically Correct French

About Annette Gilleron

Private Coach, Official CEFR Examiner and Lecturer in French at Top Universities in London, I'm also a Happy Mother of Two :)

I'm known for boosting students’ conversational skills and confidence in speaking French fluently by learning to forget the rules and creating automatic reflexes - without being traditional or even conventional! :) 

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