French Classes for Beginners -
Evening Programme

French level 2

How long does the course last?

French classes for beginners lasts 10 weeks.
Classes take place once a week and last 2 hours each.
This gives a total of 20 hours tuition.

Who is the course for?

French level 2 programme course is for beginners + or elementary level. So you can:

  • communicate in very basic everyday-life situations
  • speak about yourself and your immediate environment
  • understand simple oral and written texts.

What are the objectives of the course?

To achieve the equivalent of A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is the only exam recognised throughout the world (DELF/DALF).

The DELF A2 exam recognises the linguistic competency of a basic user. At this stage, you can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring the most common polite phrases and exchanges of information. So you'll be able to:

  • Make a telephone call, make a hotel booking or make a complaint
  • Talk about your background, talk about what you did last weekend and talk about your last holidays
  • Give your opinion, ask permission and give simple instructions.

What course can I do next?

After completing French level 2, students should be able to join a level 3 class.


Communication skills

Communication skills
Making a hotel booking
Making complaints
Understanding holiday brochures
Describing accommodation
Making a telephone call
Arranging to meet someone
Describing physical appearances
Ordering a meal
Talking about what you did last week
Explaining why you are late
Talking about your last holiday
Describing places and the weather
Talking about your background
Describing your education and your work experience
Socialising and using colloquial language
Asking for/ giving help
Asking permission/ giving instructions
Giving your opinion
Describing your intentions


Months and seasons
Hotel facilities
Home: rooms and furniture
Expressions used on the telephone
Expressions used to make suggestions
Physical appearance
Restaurant dishes
Types of holidays
Holiday activities
Vocabulary used to describe places
Studies, exams and qualifications
Vocabulary used to write a CV
Expressions used when saying goodbye
Some common colloquial expressions
Accidents and emergencies


Reflexive verbs
Comparisons with adjectives
Negative form: “pas de..”
Introduction to conditional
Pronoun on
Pronouns lui and leur
Pronoun en
Perfect tense
Pendant and il y a
Pendant and depuis
Reflexive verbs in the perfect tense
Agreement of the past participle
Object pronouns and the imperative
ne... pas + infinitives
qui and que
moi, toi, lui...

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