French Course for Beginners -
Evening Programme

French level 1

How long does the course last?

The French course for beginners lasts 10 weeks.
Classes take place once a week and last 2 hours each.
This gives a total of 20 hours tuition.

Who is the course for?

The French level 1 programme is for complete beginners.
No prior knowledge of French is required.

What are the objectives of the course?

To achieve the equivalent of A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is the only exam recognised throughout the world (DELF/DALF).

The DELF A1 exam recognises basic knowledge. At this stage, you can interact in a simple way:

  • you can communicate in very basic everyday-life situations, speak about yourself and your immediate environment
  • you can understand simple oral and written texts
  • you have developed an insight into French-speaking life, culture and society

What course can I do next?

After completing French level 1, students should be able to join a level 2 class.


Communication skills

Introducing yourself
Talking about yourself, your family and other people
Describing yourself and other people
Giving and asking personal information
Understanding numbers
Asking and giving the time/date
Talking about likes and dislikes, and have to do
Physical and psychological descriptions of people
Ordering snacks and drinks
Talking about everyday activities
Asking for/giving directions
Locating places on a map
Explaining what you are going to do
Shopping for clothes and food
Expressing preferences
Requesting/giving travel information


Nationalities and countries
Days, months, numbers
Expressions on time
Personal information
Professions and occupations
Leisure time and hobbies
Snacks and Drinks
Buildings and shops
Means of transport


The Present tense of verbs “to be” / to have” /“to go”
venir, faire, partir
The Present tense of verbs in « er »
Gender and number of adjectives and nouns
-IR verbs, -Re verbs
Verbs followed by the infinitive
Prepositions of location
Negative forms
Interrogative forms
Definite and indefinite articles
Possessive adjectives
Prepositions à, de,
Personal pronouns
Pronouns le, la, les
Demonstrative adjectives
Prepositions before towns and countries
Descriptive adjectives
Verb aller+ infinitive
Pronoun y
Modal verbs pouvoir, devoir, falloir

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