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  • Next date: 16 October 2012
  • Location: Islington/ Angel
  • Duration: 10/20/30 weeks for 20/40/60 hours
  • Maximum Attendees: 12
  • Occurrence: Tuesday Evenings 6.30-8.30pm
  • Fees: £199/£372/£549

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French course London at the Hub in Islington
French Course London Start date Enrolment Forms
French Level 1 Tues 16 October 2012
Wed 23 January 2013
Thurs 02 May 2013
Tues 15 October 2013
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French Level 2 Tues 22 January 2013
Wed 01 May 2013
Thurs 17 October 2013
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French Level 3 Tues 30 April 2013
Wed 16 October 2013
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French Level 4 Mon 14 October 2013
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Course overview

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages recommends to spend 60 hours to complete the Beginners level in French (called level A1).

But the Interactive French Learning Programme will allow you to complete the level A1 after 20 contact-hours only...

Partly because your written assignments will be your homework. So you'll get the most of your precious class-time as you'll spend more time speaking than writing.

What does it mean for you?

You'll learn to speak French much faster.

You'll become confident talking to French-speaking friends and family.

And that's not all...
You'll learn real French by doing meaningful tasks, which will keep motivated to learn.

The result?

You'll learn the French that you need and is relevant to your life.
Like this you'll be prepared for real interactions in French and you'll develop confidence and fluency in speaking modern French.

Discover The Secrets Of Fast Language Learning

It's a no-brainer!
The less attendees, the more time for you to practice your conversational skills.

It simply multiplies your opportunities to speak.

Also, you'll get to know better your classmates who share the same passion and enthusiasm for learning. You'll be more motivated and excited to come to class and take part in this warm and vibrant community.

The group dynamics are very positive so you'll have unforgettable and fun experiences with your classmates.

Most importantly, you'll save time and money as you'll enjoy the benefits of speaking a foreign language faster.

One thing's for sure...
Your friends and colleagues will be blown away by your talents!


Fee per term £199 (when enrolling for individual terms)
Discounted fee £372 (when enrolling for Terms One and Two at the start of your programme)
Discounted fee £549 (when enrolling for Terms One, Two and Three at the start of your programme )

Fees are payable at the time of enrolment.

Refund Policy

A student enrolled on a full academic year - or for the Autumn Term only - will get a full refund of his/her fees if he/she withdraws in writing by Monday 01 October 2012 .

A student enrolled on the Winter Term only will get a full refund if he/she withdraws in writing by Monday 07 January 2013.

A student enrolled on the Spring Term only will get a full refund if he/she withdraws in writing by Monday 15 April 2013.

Students who have enrolled on more than One Term but cannot continue their studies in Terms Two and/or Three due to exceptional circumstances may be eligible for a refund provided that the latter is requested two weeks before the starting date. Such requests should be made in writing and must provide documentation as evidence.

In such cases, fees would be deducted for the Term/s that the student has attended.

Further information

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