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Learn French fish vocabulary and dishes

How do you say Fish in French? Cod? Whiting? Sea bream?

Learn French Fish Vocabulary with Audio Clips and a Quiz to test your knowledge.

Are you like me, a fish addict?
Learn this vocabulary list and enjoy your addiction to fishes in France!

The English Channel, the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean offer a wide rande of fishes in France. So don't miss your chance to make yourself understood and eat the fish you like!

On this page, you'll find fishes in French.
For each word, you'll be able to:

Let's start learning names of fishes in French now!

Audio Lesson: Top 20 Fishes

du saumon salmon

du saumon fumé smoked salmon

de la sole sole

de l'églefin haddock

de l'aiguillette needlefish

une allache sardinella

du bar sea bass

du brochet pike

du cabillaud cod

de la dorade sea bream

du carrelet plaice

du colin hake

du merlan whiting

du brochet de mer barracuda

de l'espadon swordfish

du flétan halibut

du hareng herring

de la lotte de mer monkfish

du maquereau mackerel

de la raie skate

du rouget red mullet

du thon tuna

de la truite trout

de l'exocet flying fish

du turbot turbot

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It's good to know how to say any fish in French. But what about learning dishes you might see when reading la carte?

Audio Lesson: French Fish Courses

la bouillabaisse fish stew

la brandade de morue salt cod mousse

une darne fish steak

à l'Arlésienne with tomatoes, onions, olives

à l'Armoricaine with brandy, white wine, herbs, tomatoes, onions

à la Dieppoise white wine sauce

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Quiz: Fish

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