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French food vocabulary -learn the names of fruits

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Learn this vocabulary list to make sure you can eat your favorite fruits in France!

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Audio Lesson

Want to go to the boulangerie? Get the most of it by learning the names of all fruits in French. In France we love fruit pies... Listen to me and repeat as many times as you want until you can pronounce and remember all the words.


un abricot apricot


une cerise cherry


une fraise strawberry


une framboise raspberry


un melon melon


une banane banana


une mûre blackberry


une orange orange


un pamplemousse grapefruit


une pêche peach


une poire pear


une pastèque watermelon


une clémentine clementine


une pomme apple


un raisin grape


un ananas pineapple


un citron lemon


un citron vert lime


une prune plum


une myrtille blueberry

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Now that you've learnt the names of fruits in French, what about learning related words? ...Like pie? At some point you'd like to say lemon pie or strawberry pie. Isnt't it? Have a look to my top 20 Cakes!

Or maybe you'd rather learn some basic vocabulary such as the colors in French, how to count, the house, the names of animals...? Go for it!

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That's actually 140 words per week! Or 600 per month!... 7200 per year! Yes you can do it :) Learning French is now on your doorstep.

Okay, now it's time to move to the next step: listen and repeat the names of general food vocabulary... Or anything else!

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