French for Intermediate -
Evening Programme

French level 3

How long does the course last?

The French for Intermediate programme lasts 10 weeks.
Classes take place once a week and last 2 hours each.
This gives a total of 20 hours tuition.

Who is the course for?

French level 3 programme course is for for students with some basic GCSE knowledge or equivalent. So you can:

  • Make a telephone call, make a hotel booking or make a complaint
  • Talk about your background, talk about what you did last weekend and talk about your last holidays
  • Give your opinion, ask permission and give simple instructions.

What are the objectives of the course?

To become a more independent user and maintain a discussion or interaction.

At this stage, you can deal with situations likely to arise in your daily life. So you'll be able to:

  • Recount a series of events
  • Make comparisons, stating preferences and interests
  • Talk about situations in the past.

What course can I do next?

After completing French level 3, students should be able to join a level 4 class.


Communication skills

Information about self and others
Asking questions and interviewing
Giving and understanding information about holidays, travel, vacation jobs
Recounting a series of events
Following a spoken or written account of an incident
Interacting in a social context
Informal and formal usage
Talking about situations in the past
Expressing opinions
Expressing agreement and disagreement
Talking about age, weight, height, appearance
Understanding descriptions of people and places
Making comparisons, stating preferences and interests


The present tense - recap
The perfect tense - recap
Questions and question words – recap
Going deeper on the perfect tense – questions and negation
Reflexive verbs
Direct and indirect object pronouns
Positions of pronouns
Pronouns y and en - recap
The imperfect tense
Adjectives - recap
Comparison of adjectives and adverbs
Modal verbs – devoir, pouvoir, savoir, vouloir

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