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This educational website is dedicated to helping you build French communication skills through a blend of French learning games for kids and adults.

Researchers from The University of Nottingham have shown that both adults and children learn French – or any other foreign language – with greater ease by playing simple games with pictures.

It is clear that connections between words and pictures make the process of building vocabulary skills more efficient and faster.

memory matching game

Memory matching game

There are also lots of good reasons for using French learning games as they:

  • use French language for real purpose and are a natural way of communicating
  • foster active participation by linking learning to action
  • are motivating, even for reluctant and lower ability learners because they don’t have to rely on their reading and writing ability
  • help develop social interaction skills in a fun way

Bingo – picture version

Understanding spoken language is the first step. Students need to become familiar with hearing the sounds before being able to reproduce them.

So make sure to choose French learning games in which the children have to ‘listen and do’ before those in which they have to ’listen and speak’.

Domino French learning games

Domino matching game

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French lessons on skype I began looking for an online French coach so that I could learn at my own pace rather than struggling to keep up with a class. I came upon Learn French Lab and was impressed by Annette's enthusiasm and presentation. Being a 'silver surfer' I was a bit apprehensive about this venture but needn't have worried. I learnt a lot and enjoyed my time with Annette finding her very patient and good humoured.
Annette's sessions are on video too, so you can review these if you feel the need and I found that very useful. This, combined with her determination, encouraged me to 'go for it' and I'm glad I did.
Bob Marshall, Harrow, UK

French skype lessons I really enjoyed the experience with you as I needed live interaction. There were things that I was actually working on for several months before that on my own and I just was not getting it. After doing several exercises with the question forms it finally started making sense to me. I think my biggest struggle is the ER verbs which are starting to make more sense to me now as well. I just need to speak it more and the listening part of it on the exercises was great because reading it and hearing it is two different things. Having you every Wednesday morning made me accountable. If it were not a money issue and everything I have going on I would still have you as my coach,and who knows in the near future I may give you a call back when my situation is straightened out here, I appreciated you very much.
Samantha, Texas, USA

French skype lessons I was worried that I might not understand the webinar technology or that it might not work on my computer. However, it turned out to be absolutely fine! I think the great thing about the service is that it is flexible to fit in with your time commitments and it is easy because you don't have to travel anywhere. The resources were good and I felt like the exercises were clearly explained.
Alice, London, UK