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This educational website is dedicated to helping you build French communication skills through a blend of French learning games for kids and adults.

Researchers from The University of Nottingham have shown that both adults and children learn French – or any other foreign language – with greater ease by playing simple games with pictures.

It is clear that connections between words and pictures make the process of building vocabulary skills more efficient and faster.

memory matching game

Memory matching game

There are also lots of good reasons for using French learning games as they:

  • use French language for real purpose and are a natural way of communicating
  • foster active participation by linking learning to action
  • are motivating, even for reluctant and lower ability learners because they don’t have to rely on their reading and writing ability
  • help develop social interaction skills in a fun way

Bingo – picture version

Understanding spoken language is the first step. Students need to become familiar with hearing the sounds before being able to reproduce them.

So make sure to choose French learning games in which the children have to ‘listen and do’ before those in which they have to ’listen and speak’.

Domino French learning games

Domino matching game

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