French Verb Conjugation In 3 Steps

To learn the French Verb Conjugation...


... You need to understand the regularity of the 3 groups of French verb conjugation:

  • 1st Group (90%): e – es – e – ons – ez – ent
  • 2nd Group: is – is – it – issons – issez – ssent
  • 3rd Group: s – s – ./t – ons – ez – ent

Once you have understood how the French verb conjugation pattern works, you’ll be ready to speak French like a native! Learning French conjugation is made easy with the Free French Course to learn and practice online.

1st Group : -ER Verbs

The following verb is very representative of the 1st group. The -er verbs category has 7200 verbs out of 8000. The French verb conjugation pattern you'll see is always the same with other -er verbs.

Pronunciation Tip: The pronunciation of the verb is EXACTLY the same with je, tu ,il/elle, ils/elles. In short, the pronunciation changes with nous (-ons) and vous (-ez).

For 7199 other verbs in this category, it’s the same story! The French verb conjugation pattern is totally similar.


CHANTER (to sing) Je chante (I sing)
MANGER (to eat) Je mange (I eat)
TRAVAILLER (to work) Je travaille (I work)
REGARDER (to watch) Je regarde (I watch)

So you see how easy it is to learn 90% of the verbs in French! Let’s move to the second French verb conjugation pattern with 300 verbs:

-IR Verbs Conjugation

Pronunciation Tip: Note that the pronunciation of the verb is similar with all singular pronouns. And now let’s go to the next section: French verb conjugation of the 3rd group with 350 verbs!

-RE/-OIR French Verb Conjugation

So it takes a little bit of work, but definitely worth it! I hope French Verb Conjugation is understandable to you now.