French Worksheets

On this page, you can download or print French worksheets for free.

  • Presentations: Say your name, your age, your nationality, where you live, if you’re married and if you have any children.
  • At the baker’s: Of course, to learn French cakes! It’s also a role play between a customer and a baker.
  • Presentations and professions: Say where you come from, your age, if you are married, if you have any children, your job and if you like it, your place of work.
  • Likes and dislikes: This is good to practice “aimer” and lots of activities and hobbies.
  • Ask questions: This exercise helps students practice all interrogative words.
  • Food shopping: In order to invite people for dinner, the student needs to design a menu and write a shopping list before going to the local store. There is then a role play between the shop assistant and the customer.
  • The time: This is a role play between two friends who want to watch TV programmes.
  • Family Tree: Role play to practice the possessive pronouns.
  • Situating places: The students must complete a map of France and situate French cities by asking the relevant questions.
  • Book a hotel room: This is a role play between the receptionist of the hotel and a customer who want to book a hotel room.
  • Taking the train: This is a role play between an Eurostar train ticket agent and a customer enquiring for information.
  • Speaking about past events: This role play helps students practice the present perfect (passé composé). They need to say and ask what they did last week following a diary.
  • What did you do?: Ask what your partner did last weekend and say what you did too. Good exercise to practice the present perfect.
  • Family: Ask a friend you haven’t seen for a long time if h/she is married and for how long, how they met and if they have any children
  • Daily routine: Exercise to practice the reflexive verbs at the present tense.
  • Restaurant: This is a role play with a waiter and a customer ordering food.
  • Hobbies: Free printable worksheets to practice vocabulary (hobbies, household chores…) and general questions about free time and holidays.