How to Learn French by Singing

by Olga

My daughter knows how to learn French or any other language as she can speak 6 languages at the age of 20.

Two of them, French and Spanish, she learned on her own will between the age of 13 and 18.

Her first foreign language was English.

Her efficient method of learning languages was a gift from her first English teacher. A lady who has never been to an English speaking country, and never met a native speaker, she was able to teach kids how to feel the language and speak the language, and enjoy the language.

Valentina Vadimovna, her teacher in Ukraine, taught language with songs. Children's songs are meant to teach children the basics of their native language. They do the same job in teaching both adults and children the basics of the new language.

Children would learn songs sang by funny characters, and then use the phrases they memorized effortlessly in the conversations at their English class. They intuitively pick up phrases and use them.

I still remember my 5 year old daughter walking down the street and singing a catchy tune:
"What do you want to be?
What do you want to be?
Can you tell me what do you want to be?
Do you want to be a tailor?
Sure, I can make a coat.
Do you want to be a sailor?
Sure, I can sail a boat"

In fact, that is how I myself learned more English than I did during my whole school years: by practicing songs with my daughter.

Time has passed, and my daughter chose to learn French, and then Spanish. She requested a tutor - and chose the one who was willing to teach her her own way.

We were now listening to beautiful French and Spanish songs. First there were baby songs. Then, to our relief, she switched to love lyrics because "it demonstrates the use of irregular verbs and past tenses"

Whatever way you select to learn a language, never underestimate the importance of a good teacher and great lyrics.

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How to Learn French by Singing

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May 16, 2012
Which French songs?
by: Anonymous

Wow! Amazing! You must be so proud of your daughter!!
Which French songs for kids have you and your daughter learned?

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