How to speak French

Children learn how to speak french the easy way

Children learn how to speak French easily, naturally and effortlessly

IF the teaching method is good and relevant to the children’s age.

It totally depends on the way children are taught how to speak French.


What makes French Lessons for Children as enjoyable as effective?

Tip 1

Children learn better by doing and playing games.
Your prospective tutor should be able to offer your child to:

  • play flashcards’ games to build vocabulary.
  • sing nursery rhythms to mimic the melody of French language.
  • play ‘Guess who?’ to practice and learn how to describe people.
  • interact and listen to a puppet story to recap the theme of the lesson.
Tip 2

Kids need repetition and structure. That’s how they learn their native language.

→ Find a tutor able to provide structured and theme-based lessons. Your child must follow the same teaching format each week to feel more comfortable during the lessons.

Remember that children learn how to speak French the same way they learn their native language.

So what’s the best method to learn how to speak French for children?

I’ve been teaching French to children for many years. Along the way I developed a unique teaching method I’m happy to share: look at my French for kids lesson format designed for kids from the age of two. Try it and simply follow my method step by step. It has always worked on children I have taught so far.

► Each week they must follow the same structured ‘learning format’ through logical steps to make sure they feel confident with the language and comfortable during the lesson.

► Bear in mind that kids need to be encouraged to speak and interact from the very first lesson through active playing such as songs, flashcards, bingo, memory game, what’s missing, sorting colors…

Merits of Learning French at an early age

Little girl learning French

You might be asking yourself from what age should your children learn French language.

And you probably heard that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the greater chances are that the child will learn easily, naturally and proficiently.

Read the following article to find out now why and how children learn French easy.

Learning a foreign language at any age is beneficial. But let’s start at an early age for better success!

Have reasonable expectations

Of course, a child won’t learn to speak the language fluently from hearing words, watching videos, or singing songs. But simply being exposed to a language will help her understand phrases when she hears them.

So even though you probably won’t be having a French conversation with your child very soon, if you say “bonne nuit” every night at bedtime, she’ll figure out what you mean.

Create a casual learning environment

child reading a French book

The best way for a child to learn to understand a new language is for him to hear people speaking it fluently. If he’s exposed to conversations, he’ll begin to pick up the sounds and the natural accent.

Your child can watch regularly a French television show. If you have a French babysitter, encourage her to speak her native language to your child exclusively. Two- and 3-years-old love to mimic what they hear, and soon they’ll begin to understand the meanings of short words and phrases.

If you live in a community that does not offer a French program, you can still foster your child’s interest and aptitude in French language.

If a child has a number of positive experiences with another language, he or she can become quite receptive to learning other languages.

You can show your respect for French culture and ways of speaking by inviting French people into your home and by attending cultural events featuring music, dance, or food from France.

Consider enrolling older children in international exchange programs to learn how to speak the language

To supplement language classes, parents of older children might also wish to explore the possibility of enrolling them in international exchange programs.

► Students normally live abroad with a host family, which provides them with a safe and sheltered environment where they can practice their language skills.

► Summer programs offering international exchanges and intensive study are suitable for older children and offer valuable opportunities to speak French and explore French culture.

To start off teaching your children French, have a look on BBC website.