How to speak French

Children learn how to speak french the easy way

Children learn how to speak French easily, naturally and effortlessly

IF the teaching method is good and relevant to the children’s age.

It totally depends on the way children are taught how to speak French.


What makes French Lessons for Children as enjoyable as effective?

Tip 1

Children learn better by doing and playing games.
Your prospective tutor should be able to offer your child to:

  • play flashcards’ games to build vocabulary.
  • sing nursery rhythms to mimic the melody of French language.
  • play ‘Guess who?’ to practice and learn how to describe people.
  • interact and listen to a puppet story to recap the theme of the lesson.
Tip 2

Kids need repetition and structure. That’s how they learn their native language.

→ Find a tutor able to provide structured and theme-based lessons. Your child must follow the same teaching format each week to feel more comfortable during the lessons.

Remember that children learn how to speak French the same way they learn their native language.

So what’s the best method to learn how to speak French for children?

I’ve been teaching French to children for many years. Along the way I developed a unique teaching method I’m happy to share: look at my French for kids lesson format designed for kids from the age of two. Try it and simply follow my method step by step. It has always worked on children I have taught so far.

► Each week they must follow the same structured ‘learning format’ through logical steps to make sure they feel confident with the language and comfortable during the lesson.

► Bear in mind that kids need to be encouraged to speak and interact from the very first lesson through active playing such as songs, flashcards, bingo, memory game, what’s missing, sorting colors…

Merits of Learning French at an early age

Little girl learning French

You might be asking yourself from what age should your children learn French language.

And you probably heard that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the greater chances are that the child will learn easily, naturally and proficiently.

Read the following article to find out now why and how children learn French easy.

Learning a foreign language at any age is beneficial. But let’s start at an early age for better success!

Have reasonable expectations

Of course, a child won’t learn to speak the language fluently from hearing words, watching videos, or singing songs. But simply being exposed to a language will help her understand phrases when she hears them.

So even though you probably won’t be having a French conversation with your child very soon, if you say “bonne nuit” every night at bedtime, she’ll figure out what you mean.

Create a casual learning environment

child reading a French book

The best way for a child to learn to understand a new language is for him to hear people speaking it fluently. If he’s exposed to conversations, he’ll begin to pick up the sounds and the natural accent.

Your child can watch regularly a French television show. If you have a French babysitter, encourage her to speak her native language to your child exclusively. Two- and 3-years-old love to mimic what they hear, and soon they’ll begin to understand the meanings of short words and phrases.

If you live in a community that does not offer a French program, you can still foster your child’s interest and aptitude in French language.

If a child has a number of positive experiences with another language, he or she can become quite receptive to learning other languages.

You can show your respect for French culture and ways of speaking by inviting French people into your home and by attending cultural events featuring music, dance, or food from France.

Consider enrolling older children in international exchange programs to learn how to speak the language

To supplement language classes, parents of older children might also wish to explore the possibility of enrolling them in international exchange programs.

► Students normally live abroad with a host family, which provides them with a safe and sheltered environment where they can practice their language skills.

► Summer programs offering international exchanges and intensive study are suitable for older children and offer valuable opportunities to speak French and explore French culture.

To start off teaching your children French, have a look on BBC website.

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What My Clients Say…

French lessons on skype I began looking for an online French coach so that I could learn at my own pace rather than struggling to keep up with a class. I came upon Learn French Lab and was impressed by Annette's enthusiasm and presentation. Being a 'silver surfer' I was a bit apprehensive about this venture but needn't have worried. I learnt a lot and enjoyed my time with Annette finding her very patient and good humoured.
Annette's sessions are on video too, so you can review these if you feel the need and I found that very useful. This, combined with her determination, encouraged me to 'go for it' and I'm glad I did.
Bob Marshall, Harrow, UK

French lessons on skype To be honest, I really didn't think the online tuition was going to help me. But I didn't feel as though I had any other option; I had delayed long enough and I needed to take a first step. Also, I work in a post-conflict country which where I don't have access to any French language schools, and even if there were some, it is unsafe to travel to and from there in the evenings. The online one-to-one option was the safest and easiest option.
I thought to myself "if it doesn't work out after one month, I just won't continue." But in fact, it turned out to be a very good choice. I found that [Annette Gilleron] picked up very quickly on what my learning gaps were and what my learning needs were from one week to the next, and [Annette Gilleron] prepared lessons that responded very well to both. Each of the lessons were exactly tailored for me and suited my learning style exactly. I only wish I had the time to continue with the online option now that I've relocated to a French-speaking country.
When I found my way to the 'members area' of the Learn French Lab and saw every lesson and materials were filed there in my own little corner (a recording of the webex, the whiteboard notes, the exercises, the homework and audios) I thought "wow, I can enjoy these lessons again and again and again at no extra cost."
Audrey Ahwan, UK/Liberia

French skype lessons I really enjoyed the experience with you as I needed live interaction. There were things that I was actually working on for several months before that on my own and I just was not getting it. After doing several exercises with the question forms it finally started making sense to me. I think my biggest struggle is the ER verbs which are starting to make more sense to me now as well. I just need to speak it more and the listening part of it on the exercises was great because reading it and hearing it is two different things. Having you every Wednesday morning made me accountable. If it were not a money issue and everything I have going on I would still have you as my coach,and who knows in the near future I may give you a call back when my situation is straightened out here, I appreciated you very much.
Samantha, Texas, USA

French skype lessons I was worried that I might not understand the webinar technology or that it might not work on my computer. However, it turned out to be absolutely fine! I think the great thing about the service is that it is flexible to fit in with your time commitments and it is easy because you don't have to travel anywhere. The resources were good and I felt like the exercises were clearly explained.
Alice, London, UK