I Love You in French

I love you in FrenchThe saying “I love you” in French is usually the first one you want to learn!

Learn how to say I love you and listen to the most famous French love song before you start learning French love and romantic phrases.

How do you call your lover in French?

That’s usually the second thing you want to learn! So here we are!

  • I love you means Je t’aime
  • My darling means mon chéri to a man, and ma chérie to a woman.
  • Or my love means mon amour to both a man and a woman.

If you have a partner, it’s time to practice!

  1. Say his or her name
  2. Say je t’aime
  3. Follow with mon amour or mon/ma chéri(e)

If you want to respond to someone who says je t’aime, say moi aussi, je t’aime for I love you too.

Do you know Serge Gainsbourg?

Of course you do! The master of French love songs!
Check out this one: Je t’aime, moi non plus is definitely the most powerful and sensual love declaration I’ve ever heard.

You’re probably wondering why Serge Gainsbourg responds moi non plus (I don’t either) to Jane Birkin’s je t’aime.
Grammaticaly, it doesn’t make sense. So why?
Is it to enlighten a “love-hate relationship”?

I tell you the story:
This song was written by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.
Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot were in love (obviously!).
The problem was… Brigitte Bardot was married!

While recording this song they pretended to make love (of course you heard that!).
But they knew this was an impossible love story.
And that made the expected answer moi aussi, je t’aime impossible as well.

One day Brigitte’s husband discovered the song…
He was very, very angry.
The song couldn’t be released and waited for years in a drawer…

…Until Jane Birkin (who became Serge Gainsbourg’s wife) discovered the song and loved it so much that Serge and Jane decided to record the song together.

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