I Love You in French

I love you in FrenchOn the previous page, you learned a famous French love song.

So now it’s time to learn 3 ways to say I love you in French to regain the romance and sparkle in your relationship!

The most basic and easy way to say I love you in French is simply to say:

  • Je t’aime

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And don’t forget to add some sensuality when you say this expression :)

Next you can add some emphasis…

So, how do you call your lover in French?

I suggest 2 different ways to call your one and only:

  • My darling means mon chéri to a man, or ma chérie to a woman.
  • Or my love means mon amour to both a man and a woman.

If you have a partner, it’s time to practice!

  1. Say his or her name
  2. Say je t’aime
  3. Follow with mon amour or mon/ma chéri(e)

If you want to respond to someone who says I love you in French, say “moi aussi, je t’aime” for I love you too.

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