Learn French by Reading Books

by Natalia R.
(Houston, TX)

If you already know the basics of French, a great way to get really proficient is to read books. Learn French by reading books, and you'll see!

In the beginning you will find that it takes you 30 min just to clear a page. You will spend half the time searching for words on the dictionary.

Don't get frustrated, just keep on reading.

I suggest you pick an author that has already written many books. Why? Because it will make it easier in the long run. The first book might take you a full year to read but you will notice that the second, third and so forth will take less and less time.

This is because authors have their own way of writing and they usually stick to it through out all their books.

This means that you will get to know "how the author writes". They might repeat words or sentence structures...and by reading them over and over again (in different contexts) you will be learning them too!

Plus your vocabulary will grow exponentially!

It requires patience and perseverance but it's worth it!

In summary:

1- Pick an author that already has many books written (at least 3 but more is better). A book series is another great way, same author, same subject.

2- Pick a topic you really enjoy reading about! Otherwise you will never make it.

3- Keep on reading.

4- Read some more.

And of course, practice French as often as you can!
Read...read...and keep reading in French!

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Learn French by Reading Books

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Jun 05, 2012
Learn French with Audio books
by: Anonymous

I think you're right. For me, the best way to learn French is by reading (newspapers).
Now I'm looking for my favorite books in French. Amazon sells many audio books and I'll go for that.
A French Audio book translated from my favorite American author!
Sounds great!

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