Learn French in London
with a native French teacher

There are four ways to learn French in London… and many good reasons to sign up for

learn French in London Tip 1

French classes London

► First of all, it's much more affordable than private tuition!
► You can ask questions and get immediate feedback from the teacher.
► The class is filled in with supportive folks who enjoy the social aspect of language classes.

Don't hire any French Teacher before you read this...

Learn French in London with Annette's French Courses

There are also disadvantages you may consider according to your specific circumstances.

► You can find that classes are too expensive for your budget.
► Your schedule may not allow you to attend classes regularly.
► You may be shy about learning a foreign language in a group situation.
► The class you'd like to join may not be offered in your local area, or at a time that's convenient for you.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, there are other ways to learn French in London. If you can't attend evening classes, consider enrolling in a...

learn French in London Tip 2

French Intensive Course

This intense training is a great way to:

► Provide you with solid grounding in French.
► Start off learning French on your own afterwards (with a book or learning software for example)
► Refresh what you've learned years ago for a new start.

French Course London Hub Islington

learn French in London Tip 3
French tuition in London with Annette

Find a great French trainer to get private

French tuition in London

► You'll learn much faster.
► The lessons can be fully designed for your specific and individual needs.
► If your trainer is really dedicated to your success, you'll have the possibility to email him/her between the lessons and you'll receive customised homework.

learn French in London Tip 4

Small group lessons:

Invite friends or colleagues to learn French in London with you.

French corporate training with Annette

► Group lessons are a bargain when splitting the tuition's cost.
► At the convenience of your own home or place of work.
► You can choose the friends or colleagues you want to share this learning experience with.

Can you get cheaper prices?

You can learn French for cheap with online learning resources or a software. But make sure that all recordings have been made by native French teacher.

You can also decide to teach your children French yourself if you speak French language with a good accent. On this website, I provide a 'French for Kids' lesson format as well as printable educational games you can use.

What to ask before registering?

Never give away your hard earned cash for random language classes if you haven't made sure you have chosen a teacher and a programme that meets your needs and expectations!

I recommend you ask the following questions before signing up anywhere to learn French in London:

► What is the maximum number of attendees in the class?

I've taught classes in London with up to 30 students at a time!

That's a lot! Too much.

Usually, university classes I taught were filled with 20 students.

At the beginning of the class, I like to recap the former lesson by asking questions to every single student. This helps a lot improving their confidence to speak French. But it took almost an hour!

That's too much.

► Is the class suitable for my level?

Delf Dalf

Be aware that there is an official standard for language learning.

Unfortunately, many schools can't be asked to use the European standard as it's easier for them to say : that's a “beginner” class. The term beginner is relative!

  • Some beginners understand that a sentence needs a subject, a verb and an object.
  • Other beginners are able to conjugate the first pattern of French verbs.
  • And others don't know anything.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the beginner level can be completed after 60 hours of learning.

But this can be achieved in 20 contact hours...

... if you have homework and a great native teacher.

► What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Generally and unless the school had to cancel the class, you shouldn't expect to get a refund for a class that you miss.

However you can ask if the school will allow students to make up missed French classes London during the same session by attending another class at the same level.

If this option is possible, there is sometimes an additional fee for this, so again, be sure to ask ahead of time.

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