Thank You in French

Thank you in French means MERCI .

Thank you in FrenchLearning how to say Thank You in French before landing anywhere in France is essential! But there are many ways to say it or to write it. Watch the Video Lesson below to express thanks in French :

Manners are very important in French culture. So at least learn the basic politeness words… the French thank you! There are so many ways to say thanks in French. Don’t get confused!

Add more emphasis with:

  •  merci bien (Thank you very much)
  • merci beaucoup (Thanks a lot)
  • mille fois merci (Thanks a million)

To express thanks to a person you know you can say:

  •  Je te remercie (I thank you)
  • C’est vraiment gentil de ta part (It’s very kind of you)

If you don’t know much the person, better to say:

  •  Je vous remercie (I thank you)
  • Je vous remercie de tout cœur (I thank you from the bottom of my heart)
  • Je ne sais pas comment vous remercier (‘I don’t know how to thank you)

When writing letters of administration you always need to express thanks in a very formal way. So you can write:

  •  Avec tous mes remerciements (With all my thanks)
  • Je vous adresse mes plus vifs remerciements (I send you my most sincere thanks)

If you manage to learn all of these ways to say thank you in French, you’re a winner!

France is the most visited country on earth. There are sooo many tourists everywhere and all year long!
But French people are everything but polyglots…

… And anyway, proud of French language, there is no way they try to speak English to non-French speaking tourists.

You’re in France. Speak French. If you don’t, don’t talk to me. Just be polite and I’ll ignore you. That’s it.

Apart from that, France is an amazing country and French people are great fun! They’re just a bit ticklish about basic politeness words that everyone should know – in any language as soon as you decide to travel to a foreign country.

Also it’s quite important to know how to pronounce merci in French. If you’re not sure, watch the video another time and repeat until you get it right!

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French skype lessons I was worried that I might not understand the webinar technology or that it might not work on my computer. However, it turned out to be absolutely fine! I think the great thing about the service is that it is flexible to fit in with your time commitments and it is easy because you don't have to travel anywhere. The resources were good and I felt like the exercises were clearly explained.
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